I've had many names for my blogs over the past several years -- starting with Ammalynn, then Styleynn, then Fashion Vedge, which turned into Avant Vedge. All three past blog incarnations encouraged message of self-love through the psychology of presentation and style without sacrificing ethics.

Blogging in the past for me was mainly to achieve additional work; showing I can write, create and practice art. 

But I realized I never focused on an end-game. My outfits were mostly a form dress-up, clothes I styled as an art form. But most outfits posted I rarely repp'd in real life the way I posted them. It bothered me after a while and blogging slipped through the cracks.

This time I'm back in pursuit of androgyny and inclusivity.

My goal -- starting with this blog -- is to bring a curated store to life.

I want to create space for people who identify outside the notion of a gender binary -- there will be no women's or men's section and I'm going to try my darndest to include as many sizes as possible. 

I'm here to uplift people of all identifiers -- genders, colors, sizes and ages -- who feel polarized by most gendered retail experiences. 

I want to combat (pretty literal) shit pieces that are sold for premium prices only to later fall apart because it was made in a sweatshop under terrible conditions.

Transparency and freedom is what I want to celebrate. And that means I'm here for you, dear reader.

It's going to come from the heart, this shop: AMA.CO

Stay tuned for more and thank you so much for all your support! 


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Pictures By: Sarah Horgen, @sarahb.h